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Congratulations Julie Van De Sande and Judy Sabine with Kirralea Picture Show winning the 2O14 GN Qualifier SHC Large Pony Of The Year, WA

Picture Show is by Vale Park Spotlight out of Gordon Park Inspiration - see for sale page for a full sister, Sanlirra Inspiration


Photo credit - Robyn Endersby

"Sanlirra Best Man" \

Photo credit S.Morphett

"Sanlirra Talk of The Town" \

Photo credit Derek Oleary

"Sanlirra Dreamland"

Owned by Kristi Suiter, WA

Competing in show and dressage. Very successful!!!


"Sanlirra Patriot"

Owned by Kylie Bavistock, SA

Photo credit Kangra Photography

"Sanlirra Truffle"

Photo credit Kangra Photography

"Sanlirra Fascination"

Full sister to Sanlirra Just Glitter, S.Silouhette, S.Jubilation, S.Glamour, S.Glitz (for sale page)

Owned by Jessica Hannan, Cairns

Champion Led Arabian Derivative, Cairns Qld

"Sanlirra Quail"

Photo Credit Nicola Foresberg

 "Sanlirra Comedian"

Champion Newcomer Hunter Galloway

 "Sanlirra Harry Potter"

Photo credit Amanda Taylor

"Sanlirra Hallucination"

Placed at Brisbane in 2006, Top 10 at QLD Hack Council Horse of the Year 2006, Top 10 Northern NSW Hack Champions 2006,

'Hygains' Peoples Choice Champion Galloway 2006  with 33% of votes and Hack Council QLD 2005 - 4th Rockhampton Country Hack Championships. photo N Wockner


"Sanlirra Ambassador"

Sanlirra Ambassador.11yrs old 15.2 HH Chestnut hack   Owned and shown by Hayley Fairless 13 yrs old from Shepparton Victoria. Very successful and consistent performer at all levels.

Photo Credit Derek O'leary

"Sanlirra Just Gossip"
SA Horse of the Year 2007, EFA Large Pony National Winner-Werribe, Reserve Chmp Adel Royal 07, Winner Canberra Royal Show
Photo Sandy Morphett
"Sanlirra Pageboy"
Reserve Chmp Summer Royal 06, 2nd @ Adel Royal Show 06 - Campaigned by Darryl Hayes

Photo Sandy Morphet



"Sanlirra Prediction"


Photo Lorelle Mercer


"Sanlirra Valet"

Photo Sandy Morphett


Many Champions

Owned by Karrie Shatell

Sanlirra Toffee Apple

Photo L Merce

"Sanlirra Mink Mittens"

Multi  champions.

Photo Lorelle Merecer


"Sanlirra Just Glitter"

Full sister to S.Fascination, S.Glamour, S.Jubilation, S.Silouhette and S.Glitz (For Sale Page)

Congratulations to the Chamberlain family and their exceptional Crane Trophy 07 Win!

(Vale Park Spotlight) x (Bacons Money)

Owned by Bruce and Michelle Chamberlain's Ridden by Michael Christie and Briony Paye

Beautiful bay 14.3 3/4 mare.

Novice winner Sydney Royal 2006, Runner Up VASA 07,  2007 Crane Trophy winner Sydney Royal

Photos L Merce


"Sanlirra Bubbling Over"

Training elementary dressage.  Also ridden by a 7 year old unaided out in the bush and she just looks after her so well.

Owned by the Harden Family

Photo Paul Smith


"Sanlirra Confession"

(Vale Park Spotlight) x (Urubula Honour)


"Sanlirra You Wish"

(Sufton Romany Lore) x (Sanlirra Love Song)

Many Champions (WA)



"Sanlirra True Colours"

(Vale Park Spotlight) x (Urubula Honour)

Top 10 VASA 06


 Photo S.Morphett

"Sanlirra Supernatural"

(Vale Park Spotlight) x (Urubula Bewitched)

Photo Nicole Guppy

Supreme Riding Pony Exhibit Bunyip Show April 2006

Supreme Riding Pony Exhibit Warragul Show March 2006

Riding Pony Classic February 2006

Finalist Classic Yearling, over 12.3hh & ne 13.3hh

Riding Pony Youngstock Show February 2006

2nd Yearling colt n.e 13.3 1/2hh

Owned by Sailsbury Riding Ponies



"Sanlirra Larrikan"

(Vale Park Spotlight) x (Sanlirra Robin)

Photo (l) S. Morphett (m) L Mercer (r) S. Morphett


Chestnut galloway. Placed 6th Novice Canberra Royal Show. Multi Champions at Agricultural Shows. 3rd Intermediate and Newcomer 2005 Champion of Champions and Champion Led Galloway. Sunsmart Winner 2006.Runner up Hygain 06, Best Novice Adelaide Royal 06 and Open Winner, Reserve Chmp Top Five Grand National 07, Open Heavyweight Galloway Sydney Royal 07


"Sanlirra Patriot"

(Vale Park Spotlight) x (Wirrewarra Bon Bon)

Photo SMorphett

Ridden by K Bavistock. Extraordinary galloway. Runner up Newcomer Chmp of Chmps 2006. Runner up Owner Rider HOTY 07 Many other wins.


"Sanlirra Stagelight"

(Vale Park Spotlight) x (Urubula Pre Madonna)

Reserve Champion Pony on his first outing. He then won the “Tallyrand Trophy” for Best Gelding at the 2005 Riding Pony Pageant in the Park. He was runner-up Newcomer Pony at Competitors Association Champion of Champions Show.

Photo PGower

"Sanlirra Just William'

(Vale Park Spotlight)

Numerous Sumpremes, Chmp, HOTY.

Here ridden by Brittany Dalley.


Photo Julie Wilson


"Sanlirra Heirloom"


Photo NBerril

(Vale Park Spotlight) x (Urubula Pre Madonna)

Exquisite filly


"Sanlirra So What"

"Sanlirra Polly Waffle"

(Vale Park Spotlight) x (Pinehurst Mistral)

. Winner Newcomer Tasmania. 12hh mare. Many other champions/surpemes in Tas. Champion Small Pony Launceston Royal Show 2004/5.Newcomer Chmp and Runner up 2005 Tas HOTHY.

"Sanlirra Quail"

(Vale Park Spotlight) x (Fairlight Acres Quail)


Gosnells Master Championship, Novice pony under 12hh Perth Royal & numerous other wins


"Sanlirra Sorcery"

(Vale Park Spotlight) x (All rivers run)

15.3hh Hack. Very successful. Top 5 EFA newcomer
top 10 horse of the year SHC. Champions at ag shows.Top 5 rider of the year on him Numerous Supremems @ Ag Shows

Photo Narelle Wockner



"Sanlirra Drummer Boy"

(Vale Park Spotlight) x (Dalmaron Debutante)

Drummer Boy on left wearing a Winner Circles Browband

Exquisite colt. Standing at stud (Genteel Park) Chmp Colt Bathurst Royal 2006. Chmp Arabain Der Colt/Stallion Bathurst Royal 2006. Chmp Colt Arab Derivative Championships 2006. Many other Champions


Ridgeview Park Cest La Vie

(Langrtee Parisienne) x (Sanlirra Spanish Lace)



 "Sanlirra Pavlova"

    Photographed by Julie Wilson

(Vale Park Spotlight) x ( Pinehurst Minstral)

001 N.S.W State Palomino Champion, Best yearling Exhibit, 2002 Australian National Champion - Arabian Riding Pony Filly 

Top Ten Arabian Riding Pony Filly 2 & 3 years - 2003 Australian

National Arabian Championships. Owned by Melanie Watkins in N.S.W

"Sanlirra Gigglepot"

Photographed by Sandy Morphett

(Vale Park Spotlight) x (Malibu Park Rambling Rose)

Surfy has been very successful in the show ring - He was awarded with the
2002 SA Champion of Champions Pony Hack 12.2hh - 14hh. He also won the novice pony 12.2-13hh Adelaide Royal 03 Now in WA he has continued on with his success winning many champions owned and ridden by Issabelle Leppard


"Sanlirra Wishes"

Photographed by Gary Jamieson

(( Vale Park Spotlight) x ( Sanlirra Ambling On)


Wishes won the National Yearling at the Riding Pony Show and the National
Runner Up Youngstock Riding Pony. She also won her height class at the Summer Royal.
Wishes is very much loved by her owner M.Chaundy - Denereaz Vic


"Sanlirra Love Song"

( (Rotherwood Windswept) x ( Sanlirra Love Story) x (Vale Park Spotlight)

Galloway Hunter, 2002 Adelaide Royal Show

Owned by Barker family and ridden by Finella South Australia

Photo S.Morphett

"Sanlirra Just Sailing"

(Vale Park Spotlight) x (Urubula Bewitched)

Photo Credit ~ All Pix

Sambo is a lovely little galloway who competed successfully throughout South Australia. He was owned and ridden by Elise Manley, but has recently been purchased by Luke Francessca. Luke adores Sambo,takes him down to the beach and competes in the shows. Sanlirra Stud would like to wish Luke the best of luck with Sambo. 

"Sanlirra Parasol"

( Vale Park Spotlight) x ( Urubula Bewitched)

Photographed by Jenny Barnes

Parasol had a successful first Royal Show. She was 2nd in her novice class.
Parasol has been very successful winning Newcomer Pony at SA Champion of
Champions. She also won the Owner-Rider Pony ne 14hh at South Australia's
Horse of The Year. Parasol has been Champion on many occasions.

Champion Large Pony Adelaide Royal 2003 

Paris is owned by Belinda Edelbauer, South Australia.

"Sanlirra Tulip"

(Vale Park Spotlight) x ( Urubula Honor)

Photographed by Jenny Barnes.
Sanlirra Tulip is a beautiful pony. She is owned by the Rudd Family and Ridden by Kristy Rudd.
"Annie" is adored by her her owners.
She has won Supreme at Kadina Equestrian Club, and Champion at Maitland Agricultural as well as numerous other wins.


"Sanlirra Heaven's Above"

( Vale Park Spotlight) x (Tantaleaza) 

Photographed by Roger Fitzharding
"Angel" has been a champion on numerous occasions including current 1999 "Champion of Champions"
Owned and ridden by C Mitton

"Sanlirra Lovestory"

(Vale Park Spotlight) x ( Kibah Pippit)

"Kym" is a beautiful moving pony with exceptional quality. She has won numerous champions under saddle. She is now a broodmare at Sanlirra and is breeding exceptional stock. 

"Sanlirra Flair"

( Vale Park Spotlight) x ( Sanlirra Robin)

Photographed by Roger Fitzharding
"Flair" has been a consistent place getter at Royal Shows.
Runner up 2000 Galloway of the year. Always winning Championships.
She is a pretty mare with most natural elevated movement.

"Sanlirra Fairy Light"

(Vale Park Spotlight) x (Sanlirra Ambling On)

Photographed by Sandy Morphett.
"Fairy" has been a very successful big pony in both Victoria and Western Australia.
She was rewarded Supreme Exhibit at Donny brook Festival and Champion Large Pony at WA's Champion of Champions Show.

"Sanlirra Beltane"

(Vale Park Spotlight) x (Pinehurst Minstral)

Picture Credit - Teresa Blackwood

"Chloe" has been a successful in all Welsh, Buckskin, Saddle pony and Riding Pony Events.
She is deeply loved by the Blackwood family, especially Teresa!
Chloe is a Supreme Champion Buckskin, having won this award for two successive years at their State Show

"Sanlirra Celebrity"

(Vale Park Spotlight) x (Vain Tiger May)

Champion Galloway Adelaide Royal 1996. Numerous other Champion wins.

"Sanlirra Spanish Lace"

( Vale Park Spotlight) x (Kibah Pippit)

Photographed by Sandy Morphett.
"Abby" has won championships on numerous occasions.
She is a stunning grey mare who moves beautifully.
  She has a big future in the show ring or as a brood mare. (owned by Alyson Seidel)

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